Hanayama vs musashi

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Subscribe Email Facebook Twitter. Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Yujiro vs. Yujiro vs. Pickle starts in his transformed enraged state. No weapons for Musashi. Genuinely consider this a form of trolling. No one should have to seriously think about the combat viability of Musashi in a Rumbles context. Twitter Tumblr Follow my social media for animations and art and junk. Come and do crimes!

Miyamoto Musashi

Art Thread on CBR. Originally Posted by master of read.

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Follow them. Love them. Wait, so how powerful is this musashi? And in that one standoff he and pickle had similar gripping strength?

Originally Posted by Kuro. Originally Posted by Nik Hasta. Originally Posted by The Arbiter. Wait, I thought he had plenty of unarmed stuff?

Can't he like He cut Yujiro slightly using that sword hand technique. My point is more that Musashi aggressively relies on people being made to hold the idiot ball and suddenly act like they've never fought armed people before.

hanayama vs musashi

Without weapons, he ragdolled Baki pretty hard and knocked him out and he held his own against an armed Retsu as I recall. As far as his mind swords thing.

That's more a psychological technique that can distract someone rather than a killing technique. If Yujiro is not holding the idiot ball, he's much stronger and has better speed feats as well than either of them.

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Hanayama overpowered Pickle and Yujiro is stronger than him, Baki broke Pickle's tooth and got him to sit down and be good mid fight with Yujiro so he's not really a factor. Without a weapon, I really don't see Musashi winning this even with Pickles' support. Also, why are you thinking his Two Swords Under Heaven technique was all psychological? He straight up cut some of Yujiros hair off with it as well as I wanna say, made his leg bleed?

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Looked like real damage to me. I wouldn't say he Hanayama overpowered Pickle. If we are thinking of the same instance, he mostly just braced himself with a really good stance and didn't get flattened by the dudes sumo charge.He is the son of Yuichiro Hanmaand also the strongest character in the series. Yujiro works as a highly-paid freelance mercenary and assassin for various governments and organizations. It is unknown how much people or organizations pay him to do his mercenary job but judging from his expensive taste, it is extremely high.

Yujiro is a very cruel and arrogant man. He shows no mercy towards anybody, as he views mercy as a "weak" trait. Yujiro is also known to be emotionally manipulative - this can be seen in his relationships with his son and Emi Akezawafor example. He seemingly lives only to fight and cause destruction to anything and everything he can.

His whole life and mindset are dedicated to nothing but fighting and growing stronger with each person he defeats, sometimes killing them. He tends to kill people if pushed or enraged enough and does not show care or remorse when doing so.

He will also kill for pleasure or satisfaction when he feels like it. He has a deep resentment for those who are weak and does not even think it's worth killing them. He desires for his son Baki to become strong like him, so he can enjoy a challenging fight with him as if Baki is a toy to him.

Yujiro is unexpectedly silent and stoic most of the time, and often speaks only what must be said. Yujiro is also very brutal, as shown when he ripped Ryu Kaioh's face off, and then slammed his skinless face onto the stone floor.

He is a very arrogant man, believing, and knowing as well that he is the strongest living creature on Earth, and he feels inclined to do whatever he wants, with no one being able to stop him.

He views everyone else as being insects compared to him, and seeing them as "the weak". He has a mental framework that thinks that everything should be obtained with pure strength alone.

He does not believe in using weapons, as his body is the ultimate weapon which proves to be more effective and deadly than any kind of other weapon or technology. Since his fight with Baki went viral, Yujiro is annoyed to find that he has gained unwanted fans, and has referenced several young children asking for his autograph since the fight.

Despite wrathful, Yujiro is surprisingly patient and almost always remain his cool. Yujiro does have a somewhat "soft" side. Offering Baki some soup as a sign of respect for his power after an eventual tie between him and his son; also trying to avoid telling Kaoru Hanayama the fact that he signed an autograph for a kid out of embarrassment. He's also shown to, despite having killed her, posses some affection towards Emi as shown when he says to Hillary that he would protect whoever had close ties with his wife.

He even fought for the weak in wars to be in his words a "role-model" for the weak. Because he was obliterating their oppressors, the weak started to see him as something sent from God.This is the only move I can make right now. After 17 years of doing nothing, this is what I must do with my life.

I've been watching you since the first match.

Baki Hanma

You're a good fighter. It can be cultivated through selfish actions. It can be cultivated through the power of sheer will. I did both of them Even though I was expecting this to some extent, for me to become Through numerous installments, he has settled himself as an incredibly capable combatant with encounters with immensely powerful fighters from a multitude of backgrounds and styles, with Baki himself eventually establishing a clique of these warriors, most notably, men such as Kaoru Hanayama and Doppo Orochi.

Despite this, he was granted the title of 'Strongest' by Yujiro for putting up an intense fight, but as this was a mere bestowal of the title he did not consider this a victory. Up to 7-Cpossibly higher with Demon Back. Comparable to a young Kaoru Hanayama in strength, who did thishigher post-Gaia Was stated to be 4 times stronger than Hanayama Small Building level Far superior to high-level Shinshinkai students like Suedo and was capable of defeating both Shinogi brother, the weaker of the two is capable of injuring Hector Doyle, a death row convict At least Small Building levelfar higher with Demon Back Comparable to New Grappler Baki Hanayama who easily dominated Spec.

In comparison even by the time of Baki Dou, Jack never received such praise. With the Demon Back activated Baki was capable of overpowering Biscuit Oliva and forcing Pickle to use his transformation Town level in base. At least higher Can crush small rocks with enough angerwhich should yield similar results as this At least Class 25likely much higher. With his mastered Demon Back he took a barrage of hits from Oliva and Pickle, defeating the former Town level in base.

Stamina : Extremely High Known to go on extended training regimes that last half of a day, and classifies them as warm-ups.

hanayama vs musashi

Standard Equipment : None notable. Intelligence : Immensely high in terms of martial prowess, resourceful and tactful fighter who makes use of multiple styles of combat at once when facing his adversaries. Makes use of savvy and rather pragmatic tactics to gain the advantage over opponents, such as using his own blood to blind them.

Knows how to effectively rattle someone's brain by a positioned punch to the chin. Capable of imagining and even outright interact to some degree with mental visualizations of creatures and individuals to develop new stances and techniques without the need of them physically being there.

Rather low academically. With a grand portion of his time primarily being focused on training or fighting much of his formal education is spent sleeping in class. Kiryu had no equipment. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

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Baki vs Mushashi final fight

What's New? Page 2 of 2 First 1 2 Jump to page: Results 16 to 22 of Thread: Yujiro vs. Originally Posted by Nik Hasta. Welp, I was skimming for time. Either way, that's hardly indicative of anything significant. Gashes like that are cheap in Baki terms. Being Musashi, he probably tries to kill both Pickle and Yujiro.

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Why Are We Here? Originally Posted by The Arbiter. Sure, it's not particularly damaging. But at least it shows he CAN damage. Twitter Tumblr Follow my social media for animations and art and junk.

Come and do crimes! Art Thread on CBR. I don't know about VERY seriously. To date, that I know of, no one has actually made him really get serious. Even his final fight with Baki was him messing around a lot and he only "lost" because Baki made him believe in make believe food. He'll need to be serious but, without a blade, Musashi just isn't threatening enough for my money. Pickle lacks the technique and skill to really hang with someone who is definitively his physical equal, especially a monster like Yujiro, and Musashi is missing his main form of offence.

Plus, if Hanayama and Pickle are both physically resilient enough to straight up stop Musashi from cutting them to pieces on raw durability, then Yujiro is also likely able to do the same.

Give Musashi a blade or two and then I think we have a much more interesting match that Yujiro does need to be very serious about. Without the blade, eh, the feats just aren't there for me. Originally Posted by Sharpandpointies. They had some odd choices when it came to Musashi's personality. Like his culture shock and confusion ran so deep despite not being super obvious that his go to reaction as a form of self preservation was to dive head first into the one thing he was good at: killing.

It was sort of a self induced medicine to help cope. Buuut that explanation was too little too late as it had already shown flashbacks were he killed loyal servants for NO reason and later had him declaring things like "I love cutting people!He is considered the Kenseisword-saint of Japan.

The Musashi Budokan training center - in a remarkable architecture - located in Mimasaka, Okayama prefecture, Japan was erected to honor his name and legend.

The details of Miyamoto Musashi's early life are difficult to verify. Musashi was most probably born here. As for "Musashi", Musashi no Kami was a court title, making him the nominal governor of Musashi Province. Munisai's tomb says he died inwhich conflicts with the commonly accepted birth date of for Musashi.

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Further confounding his birthdate, the genealogy of the extant Miyamoto family recounts Musashi was born in Kenji Tokitsu has suggested that the accepted birth date of for Musashi is wrong, as it is primarily based on a literal reading of the introduction to The Book of Five Rings where Musashi states that the years of his life "add up to 60" yielding the twelfth year of the Tensho era, orwhen working backwards from the well-documented date of compositionwhen it should be taken in a more literary and imprecise sense, indicating not a specific age but merely that Musashi was in his sixties when he wrote it.

There is considerable uncertainty surrounding Munisai, such as when he died and whether he was truly Musashi's father, and even less is known about Musashi's mother. The following are a few possibilities:. Both Dorin and Tasumi, Musashi's uncle by marriage, educated him in Buddhism and basic skills such as writing and reading.

This education is possibly the basis for Yoshikawa Eiji 's fictional education of Musashi by the historical Zen monk Takuan. He was apparently trained by Munisai in the sword, and in the family art of the jutte. This training did not last for a very long time, as inMunisai was ordered by Shinmen Sokan to kill Munisai's student, Honiden Gekinosuke.

InMunisai died, although Tokitsu believes that the person who died at this time was really Hirata Takehito. Musashi contracted eczema in his infancy, and this adversely affected his appearance. While the former claim may or may not have some basis in reality, the latter seems improbable.

These and many other details are likely embellishments that were added to his legend, or misinterpretations of literature describing him. His father's fate is uncertain, but it is thought that he died at the hands of one of Musashi's later adversaries, who was punished or even killed for treating Musashi's father badly.

However, there are no exact details of Musashi's life, since Musashi's only writings are those related to strategy and technique. He did have formal training either by his father until he was seven years old or from his uncle beginning at the age of seven. I have trained in the way of strategy since my youth, and at the age of thirteen I fought a duel for the first time. At the age of sixteen I defeated a powerful adept by the name of Akiyamawho came from Tajima Province.

The main source of the duel is the Hyoho senshi denki "Anecdotes about the Deceased Master". Summarized, its account goes as follows:. InMusashi was 13, and Arima Kihei, who was traveling to hone his art, posted a public challenge in Hirafuku-mura. Musashi wrote his name on the challenge. A messenger came to Dorin's temple, where Musashi was staying, to inform Musashi that his duel had been accepted by Kihei.

Dorin, Musashi's uncle, was shocked by this, and tried to beg off the duel in Musashi's name, based on his nephew's age. Kihei was adamant that the only way his honour could be cleared was if Musashi apologized to him when the duel was scheduled.

So when the time set for the duel arrived, Dorin began apologizing for Musashi, who merely charged at Kihei with a six-foot quarterstaffshouting a challenge to Kihei. Kihei attacked with a wakizashibut Musashi threw Kihei on the floor, and while Kihei tried to get up, Musashi struck Arima between the eyes and then beat him to death. Arima was said to have been arrogant, overly eager to battle, and not a terribly talented swordsman.

hanayama vs musashi

InMusashi left his village, apparently at the age of 15 according to the Tosakushi"The Registry of the Sakushu Region", although the Tanji Hokin Hikki says he was 16 years old inwhich agrees time-wise with the age reported in Musashi's first duel.

He spent his time traveling and engaging in duelssuch as with an adept called Akiyama from the Tajima Province. Inwhen a war began between the Toyotomi and Tokugawa clans, Musashi apparently fought on the side of the Toyotomi's "Army of the West", as the Shinmen clan to whom his family owed allegiance had allied with them.

Specifically, he participated in the attempt to take Fushimi castle by assault in Julyin the defense of the besieged Gifu Castle in August of the same year, and finally in the Battle of Sekigahara. Some doubt has been cast on this final battle, as the Hyoho senshi denki has Musashi saying he is "no lord's vassal" and refusing to fight with his father in Lord Ukita's battalion in the battle.

Omitting the Battle of Sekigahara from the list of Musashi's battles would seem to contradict The Book of Five Rings' s statement that Musashi fought in six battles, however.He is the extremely large nineteen year old leader of the Yakuza, who is one of the strongest characters in the series. Attack Potency : Wall level Could do this at 14yo. He could survive multiple hits from a casual Musashi Miyamoto. Stamina : Extremely High Capable of chasing down a car after being riddled with bullets for a lengthy period of time.

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Managed to still fight after having his fingers broken. Can continue to fight even after having his jaw completely obliterated and having several wounds on his body. Standard Equipment : None notable. Intelligence : High Capable of effectively leading the Yakuza despite his young age, knows how to effectively use his strength in combat. Hanayama is an immensely powerful gangster who mostly relies on his raw physical power and his grip.

His grip is so strong that if he grabs an opponent's arm he can usually cause it to explode from constricting the blood flow like he did with Yuri Chakovsky.

Baki Hanma

When he was a child, Hanayama could break a bottle, tear a thick magazine, change the shape of the doorknob and bench a bottle cap with his hand. When he grew up, Hanayama learned to tear a chunk from a deck of cards effortlessly with his fingers. He is also a street fighter and it is known that he has trained in some unknown martial art styles.

He is shown to be incredibly tough in that when a group of thugs shot at him with guns they left him no lasting damage at all and simply bounced off.

He possesses a very high tolerance for pain as he was able to take punches from the convict Spec who had previously caused extensive damage to the Liberty Statue just through the use of his fists. Later on in the series, he was also able to give Yujiro a bloody nose, even though the damage was near insignificant to the latter.

During a strength test with PickleHanayama's strength was compared to that of a Triceratops, a dinosaur that can weigh between tons.

Hanayama also fought a Great White Shark with his bare hands whilst underwater, and he managed to kill the animal by crushing its brain. His physical strength is great enough that he's the first human that Pickle recognized as a rival, instead of food. However, Hanayama's greatest weakness is his low speed. Despite being able to move relatively fast when its need, due to his fighting style and toughness he doesn't rely on that.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. There is a new message for the community! That's the first word that will come to your mind when you cross paths with this massive man.The legendary samurai Musashi Miyamoto is said to be the strongest of his time and possibly the strongest samurai ever.

Yujiro Hanma

Musashi is extremely straightforward. He acts more or less like an ambitious fame-striving artist of martial arts, who desires the fame and glory he once had. Unlike any of the other fighters, Musashi is 'alone' and mentally-distant from the rest of the world, even more so then Pickle himself. Unlike him however Musashi was unable to adapt to the modern age. The samurai's distorted mindset is seen numerous times across the fourth series of the manga, pointing to the fact that Musashi doesn't indeed feel any semblance of sympathy for others, and only considers sparing those who he pities.

He hardly shows much of any concern on who he injures or maims that's unlucky to challenge him. In a similar fashion to Yujiro HanmaMusashi very rarely goes all-out and instead chooses to mock most of his opponents, which inadvertently sprouts out the hate other characters began to bear towards him. In the fight between him and Pickle, he says that it gets very dull and boring when his enemies and opponent goes down within a single hit, as for Pickle; Musashi can slash him as many times as he wanted to.

That said, he does have a code of honor and will only respond to an opponent's level of force with an equal level of force. Anyone who fights him one on one, he will follow the "rules" as his opponent dictates them. If his opponent explicitly won't use lethal force and is not trying to kill him, then Musashi will likewise do the same and only defeat his opponent while not killing them Doppo Orochi and Baki Hanma only wanted to challenge him to a fight unarmed and while it was a no rules fight, they weren't trying to kill him, merely risking their lives.

Musashi just knocked out Baki and Doppo. When a police officer challenged him with a gun and stated his intent to kill if Musashi moved then Musashi killed him without hesitation. Even then Musashi paid respects to the man by kneeling down to his fallen body, realizing that he was just doing his job as an officer of the law, while later telling his fellow officers to be at peace as their comrade died in a proper contest without fear. He will, however, show no mercy to multiple opponents attacking him with the intent to kill or do serious harm to him as he sees it as "war" not a "contest".

He has an incredible sense of danger, Musashi knows when a battle is life-threatening or not too. Because Yujiro wasn't really trying to kill him, so in this case Musashi probably treated the fight as another chance to train, it's one of his repeating motifs.

So long as he doesn't consider a foe as trying to kill him, he can simply treat the fight as a means to practice, which is probably why he lost to Izou Motobe as he forwent multiple opportunities to kill Motobe so as he could experience his skills and learn from it.

As such, Musashi wasn't really putting intent to kill in his attacks against Yujiro because he was using the opportunity to try and perfect his previously unfinished style against such an impossible strong foe. While it was a blow that could kill Yujiro, it didn't have the intent to kill in it, so Yujiro didn't auto-dodge it as it was within the realm of what he could face head-on.

Musashi can be extremely frightening to his opponents. He has become among the very few things that can frighten Pickle into running away in fear due to his fighting-style making the caveman see him as a giant wasp.

Musashi is a tall well-built man with scars on his body and extremely thick wrists for a man his size. He acquired a new scar on his mouth from his fight with Motobe.